6 Tulip Wreath Applique Block

In addition to stitching files in all available formats, your download will include two *.pdf files with 1) a diagram and tips for stitching the block and 2) general instructions for applique on the Statler Stitcher based on Anne's class. If you don't own a Statler, you will need to adapt the instructions to your system.

6 Tulip Wreath OutlineIn addition to the applique design, this file includes an (optional) applique Outline that would also make a lovely quilting design, perhaps in alternate blocks to the applique.  It also includes a dense background stipple that will stitch around the applique in a square block (also optional.)

A bonus for Statler owners: the download also includes a Creative Studio *.proj file. Just open the project... all the stitching files are already loaded, with quilt groups set up. Move the designs into place and you're ready to stitch.

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