Scandia Quilt Studio can quilt just about any design you choose, beautifully and precisely, with the Statler Stitcher.  If you have a paper pattern, or a picture with a design you'd like used on your quilt, send it along and we will adapt it (subject to any copyright restrictions.)  Or, if there is a commercial pattern you have in mind, just let us know.  If there are any extra pattern charges we'll discuss that at the time you order.  Custom digitizing is available.

We have thousands of patterns on hand and are adding more all the time. They can be combined in countless ways and changed and customized for your project.  We are happy to offer suggestions based on the design of your top, your fabrics, the intended use of your quilt, and your budget.

The most popular designs are "edge-to-edge" or "all-over" quilting designs.  The difference between the "basic" and "designer" price category depends on the density and complexity of quilting and the scale of the design as we apply it to your quilt.  Edge-to-edge designs are often combined with coordinating border patterns for a "semi-custom" look. 

Browse the .pdf files below to see the edge-to-edge designs available (as of August, 2017) in several general categories.  One or more of these will inspire your imagination!

Sometimes it's difficult to visualize what a design will look like when it's repeated across the surface of the quilt.  Contact me and I'll be happy to provide a scale drawing demonstrating your design choice(s).

Quilting Patterns