Scandia Quilt Studio stocks several quality, economical batting options, sold from large rolls by the yard.  If you wish, you may provide your own batting.  It must be at least 6 inches larger than the quilt top in length and width.  



Quilting Pricing

BastingFor Hand Quilting, Lines 4" Apart


(Compare to $0.0115/ sq. in.)

Basic Edge to EdgeSimple, large-scale pantographs (overall design)
$20/ sq. yd.
(Compare to $0.0154/ sq. in.)
Designer Edge to EdgeMore complex or more dense overall design.

$25/ sq. yd.
(Compare to $0.0192/ sq. in.)
Semi-CustomOne or two borders with a "border-to-border" overall design in the body of the quilt.

$35/ sq. yd.
(Compare to $0.0271/ sq. in.)
CustomPricing will be based on specific quilting patterns selected.
$40/sq.yd and Up

Minimum Quilting Charge, Edge to Edge$45.00 per quilt

Minimum Quilting Charge, Custom$60.00 per quilt
New Customer Discount10% off quilting charge



Batting Pricing- Per Linear Yard

100% Cotton-- Quilter's Dream Select, 96”
100% Washable Wool--  Pellon Legacy, 120"$15.00
100% Washable Wool--  Pellon Legacy, 96"
80/20 or 70/30 Cotton Poly Blend, 120"$11.75
80/20 or 70/30 Cotton Poly Blend, 96"
100% Poly, 96"$6.00
Other batting types available upon request-- ask about pricing

Each quilt is unique!  Let's work together to find the right design to enhance your beautiful quilt top. The following prices are given as a guide.  Before I begin work on your quilt, I will give you a firm price for the design(s) you choose.

To calculate the yardage of your quilt, multiply its length by its width and divide by 1,296. Queen quilt example:  84" x 92" = 7,728 square inches / 1,296 = 5.96 square yards.  For a simple overall pattern, the quilting price would be $119.20. 

Attach binding to front of quilt, ready for hand-stitching$0.10/ inch
Complete binding, machine stitch to front and hand stitch to back$0.25/ inch
Seam and square backing$15.00 per seam
Trim quilt edges for bindingIncluded in quilting price
Miscellaneous sewing and pressing$25.00 per hour
Custom digitizing of quilting designsAsk for estimate

Binding and Other Services

We use high-quality poly, cotton or cotton-wrapped polyester thread.  The thread charge for the first color is $7.00 per quilt.  Each additional color is $3.00.  It is best to use the same color on the top and in the bobbin (on the back of the quilt) if possible.