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Current Class Schedule:No classes currently scheduled-- check back later, or contact me about setting up a class for you or your group!

Art & Stitch

Anne Hurlburt is a certified Art & Stitch instructor.  Art & Stitch is the premier digitizing software for longarm quilters and machine embroiderers.

Anne's Specialty Technique is Applique Design Beyond the Basics. Her manual addendum (released with Version 3.0) describes how to draw all pieces of the antique Ohio Rose quilt pattern and turn those into applique in Art and Stitch, plus various tips how to add background quilting and how to stitch it all.  (Download the manual addendumHERE.)

If you have not already purchased Art & Stitch we encourage you to try it before you buy. The trial of the base version gives access to all Art & Stitch features, including the manual and written and video tutorials, except for the ability to save your work. Please have (at least the trial version of) Art & Stitch loaded on your laptop, and bring it with you to class.Visit the Art & Stitch website.

Beginning Art & Stitch (1 day, 4-6 hrs)

Learn the basics of Art & Stitch. After this class, you will know how to use the basic drawing tools to create quilting designs, save and organize your pattern files, and take them to your quilting system and stitch them out.  Learn how to edit patterns you already own and transform them into new designs.  Use the Magic Circle and Magic Square tools to turn simple drawings and doodles into quilting designs. See how to use photos as backdrops for your drawings, or to audition designs for your quilts.

Advanced Art & Stitch (1 day, 4-6 hrs)

Building on the foundation you developed in Beginning Art & Stitch, learn tips and shortcuts to drawing complex quilting designs.  Explore some of the more advanced features of the program, such as how to design panto/edge-to-edge quilting designs using “Meander Anything.”  Using creative fills in and around blocks and shapes, power copy, transform artwork and distortion effects will all be covered.

Longarm Applique with Art & Stitch (1/2 day or evening, 2-3 hrs)

Stitch applique and quilt at the same time!  Learn how to use Art & Stitch to design applique shapes and blocks and to adapt patterns you already own.  See how to optimize your designs for stitching raw-edge applique using straight-or blanket-stitching, and to create backgrounds that make the applique pop. Lastly, we’ll discuss the process for translating the designs we create to thread and fabric.  Art & Stitch Basics, or basic knowledge of the software, is helpful for this class.

Art & Stitch Fills and Backgrounds (2 hrs)

The fill functions of Art & Stitch will help you design backgrounds for your blocks and add new dimensions to your quilting.  Learn how to use the stitch-based fills (stipple, crosshatching and motif) and the powerful Creative Fill feature, echoes, Magic Rays and more.  Art & Stitch Basics, or basic knowledge of the software, is helpful for this class

Pantograph Design with Art & Stitch (2 hrs)

Design your own edge to edge patterns.  Start with “meandering anything” to turn any pattern into a pantograph with the built-in Art & Stitch templates and power copy features, and move on to more complex designs.  Edit your new or existing pantograph patterns to get that perfect interlocking design for your quilt.  Art & Stitch Basics, or basic knowledge of the software, is helpful for this class.

Art & Stitch and Beyond (2 hrs)

Explore how Art & Stitch’s powerful import and export functions allow you to use drawings, clip-art and photos created with your other programs and devices to create new quilting designs.  Learn the difference between vector graphics files and image files and how to use them and create them with A & S.  We’ll look at ways to use your scanner and tablet in your pattern designing, and see how to use Electric Quilt to create backdrops as well as new quilting patterns.  Art & Stitch Basics, or basic knowledge of the software, is helpful for this class

Art & Stitch Fun with Fonts (2 hrs)

Art & Stitch makes it easy to add text to your quilted creations.  A wedding date, the name of a new baby or even an inspirational quote can add so much to a quilt. Learn how to create patterns for your robotic quilting machine using the digitized alphabets in the Art & Stitch library or any TrueType font installed on your computer. Explore how “dingbat” fonts offer creative possibilities and inspire new quilting designs far beyond the letters and words.  Art & Stitch Basics, or basic knowledge of the software, is helpful for this class.

Classes for Statler UsersAnne Hurlburt has been a user of the Statler Stitch Creative Studio software since its introduction, and can help you get the most out of your quilting system.

Organize with Pattern Viewer and Manager (PVM) (2 hrs) 

Calling all Statler Stitcher quilters who want to organize your patterns!  PVM is a great option.  The Pattern Viewer and Manager ( lets you store, search, review, and retrieve your pattern files. It can store your entire pattern collection and allows you to easily browse your entire pattern collection. Using keywords, you can search and quickly find specific patterns. Using the PVM, you can increase the value of your pattern collection by making all of them available and at your fingertips.

The class will cover all the basic functions, as well as offer tips from an experienced user on strategies for key-wording your patterns, and backing up your valuable collection. If you quilt for others, see how you can use PVM to help your customers choose designs.  If you already have PVM but are struggling and need some help, this class is for you.


Anne Hurlburt of Scandia Quilt Studio loves to share her general knowledge of quilting and Art & Stitch digitizing software with her students.  She is available to teach groups small and large, as well as individual sessions, at your location or in her studio.  Please contact Anne to discuss your needs, dates and fees.  Don't see what you want on the class list?  Anne will customize a session to fit your request.