Anne Hurlburt, Owner

14160 236th St. North

Scandia, Minnesota 55073

(651) 433-1485

or (612) 202-8325

Would you like to see examples of my work?  Check out my Facebook and Instagram pages-- just click on the links.

Custom digitizing is available.  Want to add a name or special text to your quilt? Would you like to convert your personal free-hand designs or sketches into digitized patterns for your robotic system? I can do that! Contact me for an estimate.

Computerized machine quilters, check out my digitized patterns, in formats for all brands of robotic quilting systems available from Intelligent Quilting.

Digitized Quilting Patterns
Custom Machine Quilting and Quilt Finishing Services

Welcome to Scandia Quilt Studio!

​Scandia Quilt Studio is here to help you bring your quilt tops to life. with expert professional quilting and finishing services. Together we'll choose designs to complement your quilt top, and I'll stitch them with a state-of-the art computer guided quilting machine, the Statler Stitcher.

Call me for an appointment!  I also offer free pick-up and/or delivery within 50 miles, and free return shipping.